How to Thaw Frozen Spinach Safely & Quickly

How to Defrost Frozen Spinach: Quick Step Guide

Ready to thaw spinach that has been sitting in the freezer for that new recipe you want to try?

How do you go about defrosting it properly and safely?

This short guide will show you, keep reading to find out.

How to Safely Defrost Frozen Spinach?

How to Safely Defrost Frozen Spinach

While there are two methods (we go into detail below) as it relates to defrosting frozen spinach, there are some safety issues we need to address.

BEFORE THAWING PLEASE READ: This relates to bagged spinach, but you

There is a risk in using uncooked frozen vegetables like spinach, as some may contain listeria and e-coli.

While some brands blanch their frozen spinach before packaging, there is still a risk of for food-borne illnesses.

According to PSU Food Safety News, “Spinach is blanched before freezing.  Blanching, if done correctly, would eliminate the Listeria.  The issue is with post-blanching contamination.  Listeria is a known environmental bacterial pathogen that can become established in processing facilities.  If not controlled, it can contaminate the spinach after blanching in the freezing and packing steps.”

This is why it is extremely important to cook your thawed frozen spinach before you use it, as you will eliminate the possibility of harmful bacteria.

Please read the packaging before use.

Best Way to Thaw Frozen Spinach

Best Way to Thaw Frozen Spinach

When it comes to frozen spinach, the best way to thaw it out is in its package overnight in the refrigerator. When done this way, the spinach would be properly thawed out and ready to be used in whatever recipe you are planning on using it in.

Another quick method, is to place the frozen spinach in a colander and run it under warm water.

You can break up any icy blocks, as the warm water will make the job easier.

Once finished, you can add it to whatever recipe you are doing.

Please Note: The spinach should be cooked over 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill any harmful bacteria.

Microwave: Thaw Frozen Spinach Quickly

You can also use the microwave to thaw spinach quickly if you are in a rush.

Place the spinach in the microwave and use the defrost setting to let it defrost properly.

You should use the microwave just to thaw it out, not to cook with it.

Wrapping it up

There are many methods available to thaw frozen spinach.

Leaving it in the refrigerator overnight, along with the microwave and running it under warm water are all viable methods.

It is important to note that all defrosted spinach should be cooked properly, to eliminate the possibility of harmful food borne bacteria.

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