How to Thaw Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls Quickly

How to Thaw Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls Quickly

Landed on this page because you are trying to figure out how to thaw Jimmy Dean sausage rolls quickly?

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Today, I am going to highlight the best methods you can use to defrost Jimmy Dean sausage rolls that have been frozen rock solid.

If you’re in a rush and need them thawed quickly, then a couple of the methods can have you ready to cook in 15 minutes or less.

With that said, let us get right into it.

The Best & Quickest Ways to Thaw Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls

There are three ways in which you can defrost Jimmy Dean sausage rolls (these can be used when thawing sausages).

You can use the recommended method (this takes time) or the quick thawing methods, which will have them ready to be used in a couple of minutes.

There are pros and cons to using each method and we will look at each of them inn more detail below.

  • Thaw overnight in the refrigerator
  • Thaw using the microwave
  • Thaw using the cold water method
Overnight in the refrigerator8-12 hoursCan Be Stored Up to 48 Hours In The Refrigerator After Thawed
Cold-water Method15-30 MinsCan Be Stored Up to 48 Hours In The Refrigerator After Thawed
Microwave5-10 MinsCook Immediately

Thawing Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls in the Microwave (5-10 Minutes)

If you are in a rush and need your Jimmy Dean sausage roll thawed quickly, then the microwave is definitely the best option to use (Works great when defrosting bacon).

You can have the sausage rolls defrosted and ready to cook in under 10 minutes.

Caution should be used with the microwave, as if it is left in too long or you use a high power setting, there is a possibility that you could end up cooking the sausage instead of thawing it.


  1. Remove the Jimmy Dean sausage rolls from the freezer and place in a microwave-safe plate or container.
  2. You will now microwave the sausage rolls for 5-10 minutes using the defrost setting (low power 30% if you do not have the defrost option).
  3. After five minutes, you can check to see if the sausage rolls have thawed to your liking. If not, leave them in for another couple of minutes until it is fully defrosted.

Please Note: Once thawed, you might find that the inside of the sausage rolls might still be slightly frozen. This is common and if you notice this, you should let it thaw a bit more.

Thawing Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls in Cold Water (15-30 Minutes)

Another quick method you can use to thaw Jimmy Dean sausage rolls is by letting them sit in a sink or container full of cold water.

This method is not as quick as the microwave, however, if you do not want to use the microwave or you’re not in a rush, it is another quick thaw method to consider.


  1. Take the frozen package of Jimmy Dean sausage rolls and place it in a bowl or the kitchen sink.
  2. You will now fill the bowl or the kitchen sink with cold water, ensuring that the sausage rolls are submerged.
  3. Let the sausage rolls sit in the bowl or sink of cold water for a couple minutes, then replace the water with fresh cold water. (This can be done every 7-10 minutes).
  4. Check to see if it has defrosted, if not repeat step three until fully thawed.
  5. Depending on how frozen the sausage rolls are our home what you have, the whole process should take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

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