The 8 Best Ways to Stop Dogs from Pooping on Your Lawn

Sign for No Dog Pooping
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ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Yes that was me a couple days ago after stepping in nice warm mountain of dog poop. This little number was waiting for me on my lawn and to say the least I was aggravated. There seems to be a dog in the neighborhood that has decided to use my lawn as his own personal toilet. I know many of you can relate, as this can be extremely irritating.

I decided to write a little guide on the different ways you can stop a dog from pooping on your lawn and yard. Will some of the methods work on that terrorist dog? I don’t know. However, you can give it a read through and maybe you can find one that will stop the dog from leaving his signature in your space.

Put Up a Fence

Dog Looking Through a Fence
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Putting up a fence is the easiest way to keep dogs out of your yard and off your lawn. While a fence is effective at keeping dogs out, you need to bear in mind that fences cost $$$$$. It can be a pain to spend a bunch of money erecting a fence to stop one dog that is causing a nuisance. You need to weigh the options and see if it is worth your time, effort, peace of mind and money to put up a fence to keep dogs out.

  • Before putting a fence up, ensure that the city you live in will allow it. Check with the city clerk to see if they allow you to erect a fence on your property.
  • If you live in subdivision, check and see if the home owners association will allow you to put up a fence.
  • If you do have a fence and dogs are still getting in, check to see if it is secured properly or if it has any holes in it. If the fence is too low, you will find that dogs will easily jump over it.

Turn Your Sprinklers On

Sprinkler System Running
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Dogs are creatures of habit and they tend to poop in the same place all the time. If you have a general idea as to when Mr. Fido likes do his business, you could set your sprinkler system to go off at that given time. There is no way the dog would be that depraved to brave a torrential downpour of water all to take a poo.

  • If you do not have an installed sprinkler system, you can purchase a motion activated one. Once the system picks up movement in the yard, it will begin to spray water.
  • Even if the sprinkler does not come on exactly when the dog comes by, the wet areas could also be off-putting to him and he might take his unwanted gifts elsewhere.

Talk to the Owner

Owner Walking Dog no Leash
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Talking to the owner could be the easiest way to get the dog from pooping on your lawn. If you know who the dog belongs to, you could engage them in a conversation regarding their dog and the problem he/she is causing on your lawn. The result could be favorable, as many times, owners just let their dogs run free, hoping that their dogs will poop in some wooded or less used area. If you bring this problem to their attention, they could possibly take greater vigilance in what their dogs do and where they do it.

  • Although talking to the owner can end very diplomatically, there are some people who will not be difficult and will not care what you have to say. If this is the case, do not get into a feud with your neighbor, as things can easily escalate.
  • If your neighbor is not complying, you can let them know that if they do not stop letting their dog poop on your property, the next step will entail you going to the authorities.

Put Up Signs

Dog Poop Sign
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Sometimes you will find that stray dogs are not the ones that are causing the problems. Usually, it can be inconsiderate owners who when walking their dog, allow them to poop anywhere and not clean up after them. You could erect a sign on your lawn, indicating that you do not want dogs pooping on your property. Some owners may see the sign and realize the errors of their way. Seeing something visual has a big effect in letting them know that what they are doing is wrong.

  • Before putting the sign, make sure that it is ok with city laws or the home owners association.
  • Find a sign that is funny, it can bring a bit of humor to a situation that can be a bit challenging.
  • If the owners are ignoring the signs and the problem still persists, then it could be a good option to go to the authorities regarding this nuisance.

Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle Cayenne Peppers on the Area
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Another nifty trick to get the dog from pooping on your lawn is by grinding dried cayenne peppers (you can also add in chili peppers) and sprinkling them on the lawn or the general area that the dog is pooping. Dogs love to smell and their sense of smell is about 1,000 to 10,000,000 times more sensitive than a human’s (depending on the breed) ((Sharon Maguire. Understanding a Dog’s Senses”. When the dog gets a whiff of the intense smell of the pepper, they will often find somewhere else to do #2. This may not always work, as some dogs might actually not care about the smell of the peppers and still poop anyway. This is still a good option to try, as it is pretty cheap and really effective.


Jar of Moth Balls
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Like the Cayenne peppers above, you could also crush up some moth balls and sprinkle them in the grass. Dogs dislike the scent of mothballs and could possibly find somewhere else to go take a dump. You should always check the moth bolls periodically, as they can wash away if it rains and you may need to place more.

You should note that some dogs will ignore the mothballs and still take a poop regardless. It is still a good option to try and it is pretty cheap, no need to break the bank.

Use Natural Dog Repellent

Dogs Smelling Something
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Another thing you can try to get the dog off your lawn could be the use of natural dog repellents. You can either make your own or buy it in a store.

Dog repellents are really effective, eco-friendly and safe for the dog. You will not be poisoning, but since a dogs sense of smell is so heightened, when he smells this repellent, he would go somewhere else as he might find the smell offensive.

You guy buy these natural dog repellents at your local pets store or online. If you want to make your own, you can mix natural dog repellent ingredients together and apply around the area you want the dog to stay away from. You would be surprised at the types of results this can bring. Try it out, especially since all these natural products are really cheap.

Change Your Fertilizer

Bags of Fertilizer on Grass
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Sometimes the fertilizer you use on your lawn can encourage dogs to poop on your lawn. The dog could be attracted to the smell and this could be part of the reason why he is pooping up a storm in your yard. As a test, you can change your fertilizer to another brand or type and see if this makes a difference. Possibly, the new fertilizer that you buy could actually smell bad and the dog will find somewhere else to use as a toilet.

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