The Best Way to Freeze Cupcakes

Best Way to Freeze Cupcakes
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Tell me! What is it about cupcakes that make them so delectable? These little morsels of sweet are just the perfect size and deliver epic yumminess at the right time.

There are times when you need to store cupcakes for later use and by far the best option available is to freeze them.

Best Way to Freeze Unfrosted Cupcakes

It is always a good idea to freeze cupcakes unfrosted. They are easier to store and you can always decorate and frost them once you have taken them out of the freezer and let the thaw out. It is pretty simple when it comes to freezing cupcakes. All you have to do is follow the steps:

  • Let your cupcakes cool before freezing.
  • Take your cupcakes and wrap them in plastic film. They should be tripled wrapped and you need to make sure that they are sealed up properly.
  • Take wrapped cupcakes and store in Ziploc freezer bags or in plastic container.
  • When defrosting, take out cupcakes and let them thaw out by themselves (do not remove the plastic at this time)
  • Once finished thawing, you can eat or decorate. It will still taste the same as when you baked them, once you have eaten them in a respectable time period (1 week to 3 weeks)

Best Way to Freeze Frosted Cupcakes

Sometimes you have cupcakes that are already decorated that you need to freeze. Even though it might take a bit more effort, you are still able to freeze those delectable little treats.

I came across some really good directions one the web that touched on the best way to handle freezing frosted cupcakes. According “If the cupcakes are already decorated, cover them loosely with plastic wrap, then wrap them a second time, being careful not to mess up the frosting. Sometimes it is helpful to stick a frilled toothpick in each cupcake to keep the plastic wrap from sticking to the frosting. Store in airtight plastic containers or boxes for up to three months. Let thaw before serving.”


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