The Best Way to Get Rid of Leaves in the Yard

Best Way to Get Rid of Leaves
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A nice pristine green lawn is a work of art and something every proud homeowner loves to see. This picturesque image can be destroyed very quickly, especially around autumn or fall, when leaves fall off the trees and litter the lawn. It can be headache to clean up and it can also make the yard look messy.

So What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Leaves in the Yard?

Honestly, the best way to deal with the problem really depends on how much leaves you are dealing with and how big your yard space is. There are three methods that people often use when cleaning up leaves from their yard. These would be mulching the leaves, raking up the leaves and blowing the leaves. All these methods are pretty effective, once you determine which one is right for your property.

Mulching the Leaves

When it comes to getting rid of leaves in the yard, by far the best option is mulching, especially if there isn’t too much lying around. So what exactly is mulching? Mulching is the process where you cut and chop up the leaves on the grass and put them back on it. This is usually done by running a lawnmower over the leaves until they are diced up into smaller pieces. These small pieces can be left on the grass or if you have lawnmower bag, you could spread it out over your lawn.

Mulching is great for the soil and has a ton of benefits.  It can provide nutrients for plants, lock in moisture, form a barrier against weeds and can help to insulate the roots of vulnerable plants from winter cold. ((“Gardening Guides”. Retrieved 2013-05-20))

Raking up The Leaves

If you have a small yard, then raking is by far the easiest and most effective way to get rid of the leaves on your lawn. It might take a bit of effort on your part, but it is a pretty good workout and if you rake on a regular basis, then the leaf problem will not be so bad.

Once you have raked up your leaves, you can bag them and dispose of them or you can put them in a compost heap if you have the space in your yard for that. You could also mulch the leaves once raked up, especially if they are not a lot of them.

Blowing the Leaves

A leaf blower is a really quick way to get leaves together or off your lawn, sidewalk and driveway. It doesn’t require much effort and if done correctly, you could be finished clearing up all the leaves in a jiffy. The key to blowing leaves is to ensure you round up everything and not have them blowing all over the place. Once rounded up, you can then bag them and dispose of them.

The downside to using leaf blowers is that they can cause more work, if not used properly. Leaf blowers are also very loud and they can be irritating to neighbors, especially if it is done early in the mornings.


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