The Best Way to Peel a Banana

It is said that you learn something new every day. I also believe that a few days out of the year, you also learn something mind blowing. Well today I am going to enlighten your day with this awesome trick.

In all my years on the earth, I always thought that I had simple tasks down and imagine my dismay when I found out that all this time I was peeling a banana wrong. Yes! The way the majority of us have been doing it is totally wrong.

I am pretty sure you have peeled a banana from the stem, only to have it not separate and get all squishy. You sometimes have to use your finger to create that break, so that you can peel the skin off the banana. Well it is wrong and monkeys do it totally different. It seems monkeys use this is a fool proof method to ensure that their bananas are peeled with no issues.

How to Peel a Banana Like a Monkey

  • Get your oh so delicious banana
  • Turn the banana upside down
  • Squeeze the end till it begins to separate
  • Once separated, you will be it able to peel it with no problems
  • Enjoy the banana

Pretty mind blowing isn’t it?

Check out the video below to see this guy in action.

Check out the video below to see this guy in action.


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