The Best Way to Reheat Ribs

A Plate of Ribs
Image Credit: sodaniechea w/CC License

Let me start by saying that ribs that are warmed up from overnight will never be as good as when you get them fresh off the grill. However! It is better to have some ribs than no ribs at all.

So how do you go about reheating those left over ribs you have in the kitchen? There are many different methods available such as doing them in the oven, grill or microwave. The best one to use is really dependent on you and this generally based on how quickly you want them done.

In the Oven

The oven is a great way to heat up those leftover or frozen ribs you have been saving for a rainy day. As I mentioned above, you will never be able to capture the magical taste as when they first came off the grill; however being 90% close in taste is just as good.

Steps to Reheat Ribs in the Oven

  • Preheat oven to 180F (or lowest setting)
  • If you want to add more sauce to it, you can before wrapping
  • Wrap ribs in foil
  • Place wrapped ribs on a baking sheet/pan or a cookie tray
  • Leave them in for about one hour, or until they are heated to your desired level
  • Take out and enjoy

On the Grill

If you grilled your ribs at home or have a grill, then reheating the ribs this way would be really good idea. Even though this method can take a bit longer, it is good to prepare ahead of time if you are going to be hungry.

Steps to Reheat Ribs on the Grill

  • Preheat your grill
  • Take out the ribs you need  and place on the grill
  • While the ribs are warming up, add some new barbecue sauce to the meat
  • Grill on both sides until it is heated up properly. (The timing depends on your grill)
  • Make sure that the ribs do no burn.
  • Enjoy!

In the Microwave

The microwave is the quickest option available will get the ribs reheated in no time. BUT!!!!!!! If you microwave them the wrong way, then you could end up with ribs that don’t taste good, but also some that are very mushy. You see essentially steam the meat from the inside, so if you go too long, it can make meat mushy. ((“Freezing and Reheating Leftovers”. Retrieved 2013-06-06))

Steps to do it in the Microwave

  • Get a Microwave safe container and place the ribs in it
  • Cover the container so that the juices, when heated, do not end up splashing all inside the microwave.
  • Turn the microwave heating power to low
  • Microwave until Ribs are heated up (You may need to keep checking to see if they are at the heated level that you desire).
  • Enjoy!

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