The Best Way to Store Kale Chips

How to Store Kale Chips
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Kale chips are all the rage now. Not only because they are so tasty and healthy, but because they are so easy to make. In a couple of minutes, with the right preparation, you can have a nice load of chips to devour, especially if you get fancy and add all kinds of toppings or seasoning.

So the how do you store kale chips? It is always recommended that you devour those snackables immediately. The reason is that many people are thoroughly peeved to make a nice big batch to enjoy now and later, only discovering that the next day the chips are all soggy. The reason behind this is that moisture is the main enemy of kale chips. Fresh out of the oven they are perfectly crispy, but give it a couple of hours and it will be straight mush.

So how do you go about keeping kale chips fresh and crispy?

Vacuum Sealed

If you have any of those devices that allow you to vacuum seal food, then this is by far the best option available.  Vacuum sealing allows you to suck out all the air and moisture that will cause uncrunchy chips. If done correctly, you should be able to eat these chips years after you first sealed them. Some people have tried and have had varying results.

You Can Try Mason Jars

You can get a little extra life out of your kale chips by simply putting them in a mason jar. While you won’t be able to store them for extended periods of time, you should at least get a couple of days of them still being crispy and fresh.

Put in a Ziploc Bag With Rice

If you have none of the above methods, you can try to put them in a Ziploc bag with some uncooked rice inside of it. Rice absorbs moisture and moisture is what makes all those lovely kale chips get so soggy in an instant. While this is not a perfect option, you possibly could get 1 or 2 days (2 might be stretching it) of crispy chips.

Final Verdict

As stated above, there is a lot more headache trying to store kale chips for later use and it is best to be greedy and eat them off in one sitting J. It might be a pain to constantly making a new batch every time you get those cravings for those healthy bite sized chips, but that is essentially what you might have to resort to.

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