How to Wash Allbirds Shoes

How to Wash Allbirds Shoes

Launched in 2016, Allbirds are soft, comfortable and lightweight shoes that have grown in popularity in recent years. Many people swear that they’re the most comfortable shoes you’ll wear. The fact that the company uses mostly natural materials and cares for the planet is also a major plus for Allbirds consumers. 

Like most shoes however, Allbirds can get quite filthy. So how do you properly clean Allbirds without damaging the shoes?

Well, there are several precautions you’ll need to take to protect your shoes. Continue reading below for tips on how to safely wash your Allbirds in the washing machine or by hand.

How to Wash Allbirds Shoes (Washing Machine/Hand Wash)

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There are two ways you can clean your Allbirds shoes and that would be using either:

  • In the Washing Machine
  • Handwashing Them

Let us take a detailed look at each method below:

What Soap to Use?

Shoes can be tricky to wash and the soap you use can make or break your shoes, especially white or lighter colored ones.

Shoe experts recommend using gentle laundry detergent with stain removing power. Your detergent of choice should not ruin the fabric, but should be strong enough to remove stains and lingering dirt. 

Machine Wash Settings

If you plan on washing your Allbirds in the washing machine, there are a couple steps that you need to follow.

We take an in-depth look at each below:

Cold Water Only: Allbirds should preferably be washed with cold water on one of the gentler cycles of your washer. A gentle wash can clean just as effectively as harsher cycles while protecting the fabric.

Combined with an effective soap, you shouldn’t need to wash your shoes for longer than 15 minutes. In addition to being better for your shoes’ fabric, cold washes use less energy and are better for the environment, which Allbirds is all about. 

Protecting Your Shoe in the Wash:Allbirds recommends that your shoes be washed in a garment bag or with white towels to prevent them banging around in the washer. 

No Fabric Softener: Fabric softener does not work well with many fabrics, especially those that include natural fibers. The softener can sit on top of the fibers and end up damaging the material due to buildup. To prevent this from happening, rinse your Allbirds in cool clear water. 

Hand Washing Guide

While washing your Allbirds in a washer is perfectly fine, not all parts of the shoes should be put through a cycle. Laces and insoles in particular are not designed to be washed in machines, and so must be hand washed.

Simply put them in a pan with soapy water and allow them to soak for two to three hours, longer if you have the time.

Rub gently with your palms and all the dirt should easily lift from the items. Rinse with clear water once you’re done.

If you do not have a washing machine, you can also wash the entire shoe by hand. Place in soapy water as you would with the laces and soak for an hour. Rub with palms or swish around in the water. For stains or stubborn dirty spots, use a soft bristled washing brush to gently rub against the spot until it disappears. Rinse with clear water. 

Drying Your Washed Allbirds

Never dry your shoes in the dryer! Not even on the lowest heat setting. When it comes to Allbirds, a dryer will do more damage than good. Air drying is the best option for your Allbirds: simply lay the shoes upright on a towel and allow the water to evaporate from them.

While this option might have your shoes drying for more than a day, you’re certain that the fabric and shape of the shoe is preserved this way. If you live in cold temperatures, and are unable to air dry your shoes, tumble drying is an option. 

Bonus Tip: Do not bleach, iron or dry clean your Allbirds as these actions can ruin the fabric!

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