What is a Trap Phone?

What is a Trap Phone?

Slangs come and go with each generation. Some are more popular than others and overtime become a part of standard language. Some slangs are associated with certain demographics, such as teens or young adults. 

“Trap phone” is one slang term that has found its way into common language. But, what exactly does it mean, and when should you use it?

These are excellent questions. Continue reading to learn more about the answers.

So, What Does “Trap Phone” Mean?

Meaning of Trap Phone
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There is hardly an adult now that doesn’t have a cell phone. In fact, cell phones are so common that some people have more than one. For these individuals, one cell phone might be used for personal affairs while the other is used for business.

A trap phone is essentially a second phone or a burner phone. The premise is that it’s used for illicit or illegal activities. They are meant to be untraceable as they are used for conducting illegal activities in the criminal world. So, a trap phone should not have any personal identifiers that can link it back to the user.

Trap phones are said to be popular for use among drug dealers and other illicit traders for communicating and arranging deals under the radar of law enforcement agencies.

In today’s world, trap phones may not necessarily be linked to illegal activities. Some people have trap phones to protect their personal lives and keep it separate from their business endeavors.

History of the Phrase Trap Phone

The slang trap phone became popular in the 1990s. It became mainstream when rappers started singing and talking about them in the late 90s to the early 2000s. Many rap and hip hop songs about drugs also reference “trapping” which means to sell drugs or other illegal items to make money quickly.

What is a Trap Phone Used For?

Trap phones are meant to be discarded after use, so that they can’t be traced using cell tower identification information. In the past they were generally cheap prepaid phones that could be bought at gas stations, drug stores etc. 

With advancements in technology, a trap phone doesn’t need to be a physical second device any more. There are dozens of apps that act as trap phones, where the user can make calls that are not traceable back to their primary phone.

The Takeaway

Trap phones are essentially burner phones. While they are linked to criminal activity and shady dealings, not all persons who have trap phones use them for illegal activities.

In addition, in today’s world, a trap phone does not have to be a second phone. There are apps that facilitate having a second number while protecting the user’s identity information.

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