A Step by Step Guide Highlighting the Best Way to Reheat a Burger

Image Credit: armandoh2o w/CC License

Image Credit: armandoh2o w/CC License

Burgers have got to be one of the best things ever created on this earth. If you get the right one even if it is from Burger King, McDonalds or any of the specialty joints, it is always a good experience and something that will satisfy your craving.

So for whatever reason you have a hamburger that you did not finish or stored it in the fridge and you want to heat it up, then consider yourself lucky you ended up on this page.

Reheating burgers are a very tricky process and if you want to capture even 50% of the essence when you first bought it, then follow some of the steps below.

Microwave Is a Big No No

If you are even considering putting your burger in the microwave to heat it up, then you might as well throw it away from now. The microwave is a horrible option and your food is going to be mushy and disgusting. The bread will get super soggy, the veggies will also become soggy, it is just an overall fail. Stay away, you have been warned.

Steps to Follow

To get things started, you should follow the steps below and you will be set.

  1. Separate your burger. This means place the buns on their own, scrape off all condiments off the patties and have the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions aside as well.
  2. Reheat the patties. You can either do this in an oven, grill or microwave. If you are planning on using the oven, the first thing you need to do is set it for 400 F. You can place the patties in their to heat up for about 10 minutes. If you using the grill, just put them on and keep checking back to see if they are done. The microwave is pretty easy, as you can zap them till they are finished.
  3. Reheating the buns should be done in the oven. You can place them when the patties are half way finished. It won’t take long for the buns to get toasted and nice.
  4. You can now re-add all the pieces together and you should be back in business.

What About Fries?

If you have fries that need to be done, then you can take a look at my quick guide to warming up french fries. Cold fries are awful, but if you follow the steps that I lay out in the article, you should have your meal warmed up and ready to go.

Just to let you know that anything warmed up will not have the same taste as when you first bought it. However, you do not want to throw away your investment, especially if it is very yummy. So hopefully this helped you out, so prepare for a nice meal in a few.

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