Best Way to Freeze Strawberries

Best Way to Freeze Strawberries
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Sometimes it is good to have frozen strawberries for a variety of reasons. You may need to store some for later use, especially when they are hard to get like during the winter. Maybe you got some at a really great price, one that you could not pass up and instead of using them all off, you decide to store them for later. Maybe you like to make frozen blended drinks and strawberries are a main ingredient. Whatever it is, having frozen strawberries on hand is always a good thing.

Below, I am going to highlight the quick steps you can take to freeze your own strawberries.

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What You’re Going to Need

  • Fresh strawberries
  • Freezer bags
  • Marker for labelling

Step 1: Get Your Strawberries

Well, you are going to need some strawberries to start before you can begin freezing them :). If you are harvesting your own or buying them from the local farmers market or market, you should be looking for the berries that are big, plump, fresh and berry red. Once you have got your supply, then the freezing process can be begin.

Step 2: Wash the Strawberries

It is a good idea to wash your strawberries, before you freeze them. Washing the berries will get rid of any dirt or pests that might be on them.

Step 3: Cut off the Hulls off the Berries

Now you spend some quality bonding time with your strawberries. You will be removing the hulls from the berries and this should not take too long. Some people freeze them without removing the hulls, but you can do it to make your job easier in the future.

Step 4: Place Them in the Freezer Bag

Once all the hulls are removed from the strawberries, it is now time to place them in the freezer bag. While you are closing up the berries in the bag, it is good idea to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible. Removing the air from the bag helps to not only reduce the possibility of the strawberries drying out, but also helps to control freezer burn.

Once you have them all in the bag, you can now label them and throw them in the freezer.

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