How to Freeze Kiwis: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Freeze Kiwis: A Step-by-Step Guide Trying to figure out if it is possible to freeze kiwis or not?

We created a short guide that will take e a deeper look at the right way to go about freezing kiwi fruit, as well as looking at some of the pros and cons in using this process for storage.

Can You Freeze Kiwi?

Yes you can freeze Kiwi Fruit and it is recommended by the California Kiwi Fruit Commission as a convenient way to preserve this fruit for future use.

Freezing kiwis is a good option to consider if you are able to get this fruit on discount or it is going to be out of season and you want to have access to it throughout the year.

Frozen kiwis are also great if you are planning on making smoothies, so if you are someone who consumes this frozen drink on a regular basis, it is best to have a couple frozen kiwis on hand for your next smoothie.

How to Freeze Kiwi Fruit How to Freeze Kiwi Fruit: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to freezing kiwi fruit, it is actually quite easy and it really should take you a couple of minutes to have everything prepared and ready for storage in the freezer.

The two most common options people consider when storing in the freezer are:

  • Freezing the fruit by itself
  • Freezing in a syrup mixture

Option #1: Freezing Fruit

Freezing sliced fruit is the best option to consider, especially if you are looking to use the frozen fruit in smoothies, drinks or plan on eating them straight out of the freezer.

Step 1: Prepare Fruit for Freezing

You will first need to wash your kiwi, ensuring that it is cleaned thoroughly. Once you are finished, peel the kiwi and cut into slices.

Step 2: Initial freezing

Place the slices of kiwi on a baking sheet and place inside the freezer. Let it sit for a couple of hours, until the fruit is frozen solid.

Step 3: Place in Storage Container

Take the now frozen fruit and place into a freezer safe Ziploc bag or container. It is often a good idea to label the container/bag, so that you have an idea of how long the kiwi has been sitting in the freezer.

Kiwi can be stored in the freezer for 10 to 12 months, before it starts to lose its quality and begins to deteriorate.

Please Note: you can store whole kiwis in the freezer, but this takes up a lot of space.

If space is not an issue, then all you need to do is place the whole kiwis in a freezer storage bag or container.

Freezing Kiwi
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Option #2: Freezing in Syrup

Some people opt to freeze their kiwis in syrup as this not only helps with storage, but it also adds more flavor to the fruit when it is defrosted, as well as helping it retain its green color.

Step 1: Create a Syrup Mixture

You will need to create a syrup mixture that the fruit will be placed in before they are frozen. To create this mixture, use 3 cups of sugar to 4 cups of water.

Step 2: Prepare Fruit for Freezing

Wash and peel your kiwi and then cut into slices.

Step 3: Place in Syrup Mixture and Freeze

You are now going to place your cut Kiwi slices into the syrup that you created in step one. Please ensure that the syrup mixture is placed in a freezer safe container. Once the kiwi is covered by the syrup mixture, place in the freezer.

How to Defrost Frozen Kiwi?

When it comes to thawing out (defrosting) your frozen kiwis, you can either do it in the refrigerator or leave them at room temperature for a couple of minutes.

It should be noted, that kiwis (slices and whole fruit) that have been frozen and thawed out, does not retain its firm texture and it often becomes mushy. This is why it is recommended that frozen kiwis be used in smoothies and drinks.

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