Best Way to Reheat a Panini

Panini in a plate

So you want to know how to go about reheating a panini? The process is not very complicated and you can get it piping hot in 5-10 minutes, depending on the reheating option you go with.

Below I show you the two options that you can use to reheat your sandwich as well as explain why you should definitely avoid the microwave.

The Stovetop

Reheating a Panini in a frying pan is really quick and it will get it piping hot in a couple of minutes. The same method used to reheat a grilled cheese sandwich is the same procedure done here.

  1. Turn your stove to a medium flame and apply some butter or nonstick spray to your skillet or frying pan.
  2. Once the pan/skillet is fully heated up place the Panini in.
  3. Let it reheat on each side for about 30 to 50 seconds (maybe longer if cold).
  4. Flip and reheat the other side.
  5. Once fully reheated, take out, serve and enjoy.

This is a really quick reheating option and you should be good to go in less than 5 minutes.

The Oven/Toaster Oven

Another good option to consider when reheating the Panini is using an oven or toaster oven. This is a longer process than the stovetop, but you will still get the job completed.

  1. If you want it a bit golden, butter each side of the Panini.
  2. Preheat oven to 350°F
  3. Place the Panini on baking sheet
  4. Heat on one side for 5 to 7 minutes then flip over to finish it off.
  5. The time might be a bit longer/shorter for some, so it is a good idea to continually check to make sure that the Panini is being reheated properly.
  6. Once you have heated it up, take out and enjoy.

Say no to the Microwave

Honestly, the best way to reheat your Panini would be in the oven or on the stovetop……. If you have a microwave, don’t even consider this as an option. When you put a Panini in the microwave, it is going to come out soggy and the texture is not going to be palatable. While it will be steaming hot, the texture is going to change so much, it is better you ate it cold.

So no microwaves, stick with the oven or the stovetop.

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