How to Reheat Enchiladas Properly – 2 Best Methods to Use

The Best Way to Reheat Enchiladas
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Enchiladas are a popular Mexican dish that can be eaten as an appetizer or for dinner. The beauty of enchilada is the fillings are not limited to any one ingredient, but the most popular options are chicken, beef, pork and cheese.

If you are looking at how to reheat enchiladas leftovers you might have sitting in your refrigerator, then you ended up on the right page.

If you continue reading below, you will see some of the best reheating options available, that will have your enchiladas warmed up and ready to eat just the way you like it 🙂

2 Best Ways to Reheat Enchiladas Properly

How to Reheat Enchiladas - The 2 Best Methods to Use

There are many ways you can go about reheating leftover enchiladas.

The two we recommend are using the oven or microwave.

Oven Heating – This is the best way to reheat your favorite Mexican dish. The oven warms up food evenly and it usually takes about 15-25 minutes to have everything heated up.

The only downside to using the oven is that it can dry out the filling if it is left in too long. It is also not as quick as the microwave.

Microwave – The microwave is quick, easy to use, requires little clean-up and gets the job done. The only downside in using it to reheat enchiladas is that it won’t be as crispy compared to the oven. They also might not heat up evenly like they would if using an oven.

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Method 1: Reheating Enchiladas in the Oven

As we mentioned earlier, the oven is the best method for reheating chicken/beef/pork or cheese enchiladas. While it can take a couple of minutes to get everything heated up, it is definitely the go to way to warmup your enchiladas.

Aside from its excellent heating, the oven is a great option to consider if you are reheating an enchilada casserole. The oven is big enough to hold it as is, so you do not need to break it up to fit into something like the microwave.

Reheating Steps

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the enchiladas close together on top of it. If you have any leftover sauce, spread over the enchiladas.
  3. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until heated through completely. If you want to have a crispy exterior, you can leave them in the oven for a couple more minutes. Be careful you do not leave them in too long, as they could begin to burn.
  4. Once finished, remove the enchiladas from the oven, let them cool and dig in!

Method 2: Reheating Enchiladas in the Microwave

While I am not a big fan of the microwave, as sometimes it can cause food to be soggy, you can give it a try when warming up the enchilada.

The good thing it is much quicker than the oven and you can have the enchilada warmed up and piping hot in under a minute.


  1. Place the enchilada on a microwave safe plate
  2. Let the enchilada reheat for about 30 seconds, or until it is fully warmed up. If it is coming from the fridge, then you will have to let it go for a longer time.
  3. Once finished, take out and enjoy.

Well now that you have the golden guide to reheating a chicken/beef enchilada, you can now go out and go and enjoy. Hopefully it is as good as when you first had it and believe me, I wish I was in your place munching down on all of that goodness!

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How to Reheat Frozen Enchiladas

Reheating frozen enchiladas is a bit different from reheating leftovers that were in the refrigerator.

The most important thing to remember is that the enchilada will be heated from frozen, so the oven will definitely be the option to use as opposed to the microwave.

When reheating in the oven, you generally will follow the steps above, you just need to add more time when reheating.


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C
  2. Place the frozen enchiladas on a baking sheet and cook for 20-25 minutes, or until heated through completely.
  3. Once finished , take out and enjoy.

Tips:  Making sure you use the right temperature is very important when reheating enchiladas in an oven. Too high of a temperature can dry up your food, while too low of one will not get it fully heated through (and could even make it soggy).

Wrapping it up

As you can see, there are many ways to go about warming up your enchiladas.

The oven is the best method for heating it through evenly and getting that crispy exterior that many love.

The microwave is quick and gets the job done. The only downside is that it won’t have that toasty taste, but if that’s not a problem, then the microwave is good go.

Hopefully this article has been of great help to you on how to reheat enchiladas.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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