Best Way to Reheat KFC

Reheat Kentucky Fried Chicken
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Everyone knows that there is fried chicken and then there is KFC. KFC with their 11 herbs and spices is an amazing experience and once you eat one piece of chicken, you are going to want more and more and more.

There is really nothing better than cold fried chicken and you should give it a try, but if you are here, then maybe are looking to recapture that hot and crispy goodness. Most people will opt for a microwave, but that usually results in soggy chicken. The best way to reheat KFC would be to use the oven.

The Oven Is Your Best Bet

The oven is by far the best option and it is a very simple process, even though it may take some time. So if you are hungry, prepare to wait just a little bit.

  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Get a baking sheet and place the chicken on it
  3. Place baking sheet with chicken in the oven
  4. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until reheated properly
  5. Take out and let it cool down a little
  6. Enjoy your reheated KFC by itself or with some sides

If You are Hungry, Try the Microwave

The microwave and fried chicken is not your friend, but if you are desperate and have no time to heat it up in the oven, or you do not care for that golden crispness, then go ahead and use the microwave.

  1. Take the KFC you want to reheat and place it in a microwave safe plate/container
  2. Set microwave for reheat or you can put it to heat up for 1 min.
  3. Check to see if it is at a temperature you like
  4. If it is still cold, then you let it warm up a bit more
  5. Take out and enjoy


1 thought on “Best Way to Reheat KFC”

  1. I have worked out how to reheat a KFC burger. The trick is to A) take the chicken out of the bun
    B) Wrap the chicken in the paper the burger was in
    C) Microwave the chicken for 45 seconds
    D) Reassemble the bun using FRESH mayo

    If you use this method you’re in for some serious finger lickin’ chicken!


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