Can Hot Pockets Be Eaten Cold?

Can You Eat Hot Pockets Cold?
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Want to know if you can eat cold Hot Pockets?

Wondering if it is safe to do?

In this short article, we take a detailed look at if these snack can be eaten cold, as well as if this is safe.

So, to learn more, keep on reading.

Can You Eat Cold Hot Pockets?

Is It Safe to Eat Cold Hot Pockets?

The name says it all, “Hot Pockets”, but for those of you who are wondering, no, Hot Pockets can not be eaten cold.

The makers of the popular lunchtime snack, Goodness, have strongly stated on their website that Hot Pockets should be cooked properly before being consumed.

What Happens If You Eat Cold Hot Pockets?

There are two different types of “cold Hot Pockets” that people refer to.

These are:

  • Eating the Hot Pocket directly from the freezer
  • Eating a Hot Pocket that has been thawed to room temperature.

Let us take a look at what happens in both scenarios.

Eating a Hot Pocket Right Out of The Freezer

Hot Pockets are meant to be baked in an oven, heated in the microwave or air fryer. Eating it directly out of the freezer, will have you munching on frozen meat and sauce.

I can guarantee that this will not be enjoyable and a total waste of a pretty good snack.

Eating a Cold Hot Pocket (Sitting Out at Room Temperature)

People will often take the frozen snack from the freezer and let it sit out at room temperature until it has thawed. They opt not to bake it or heat it in the microwave.

This can actually be dangerous, as there are considerable food safety concerns.

Goodness in their FAQ have stated that “Absolutely do not eat any HOT POCKETS® sandwiches if they are thawed. Always prepare them according to the cooking recommendations on the package.”

The food should be cooked thoroughly before eating and this is why the cooking instructions indicate that the internal temperature of the product should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit once cooked.

At that temperature, all harmful bacteria will be killed and the Hot Pockets will be safe to eat.

By leaving the food to thaw at room temperature, it creates the ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can cause food borne illnesses.

Never thaw a frozen Hot Pocket, always cook it.

Best Way Cook a Hot Pocket?

In cooking a Hot Pocket, you have 3 options.

You can use:

  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Air Fryer

If you are feeling adventurous, you could also throw your Hot Pocket in the deep fryer for amazing results.

How to Cook a Hot Pocket in the Oven?

The process of heating up this snack in the oven is quite easy.


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F.
  2. Place the Hot Pocket and put it in an oven safe dish or baking sheet.
  3. Bake for 25-30 minutes (depending on the product)
  4. Once baked, remove from the oven and serve

How to Microwave a Hot Pocket?

If you are a looking for a quick way to get a Hot Pocket warmed up, the microwave is the best method to use.


  1. Unwrap sandwich, insert into crisping sleeve, and place on microwave safe plate.
  2. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes (this time can vary depending on the microwave).
  3. Once it is finished cooking, remove from the microwave, allow to cool and then enjoy.

Check out the video below to get a visual step-by-step guide.

Wrapping it up

Now you know that eating cold Hot Pockets should not be done and it can be a food safety issue, if thawed at room temperature.

If you want to eat this snack properly, throw it in the oven or the microwave and eat the way the manufacturer intended it.

So, leave me a comment below and let me know if you are still team cold Hot Pockets or cooked from now on!

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