Is Squirt a Pepsi or Coca Cola Product?

Is Squirt a Pepsi or Coca Cola Product?

Squirt is a unique tasting citrusy soda that is the perfect complement with any meal or an awesome thirst quencher on a hot day.

You’ve seen the can or bottle and I’m sure it crossed your mind if Squirt is a Pepsi or Coca Cola Product.

Well, today you are going to learn who actually owns this citrusy soda.

Is Squirt Owned by Pepsi or Coca Cola?

The beverage giants Pepsi and Coca Cola own multiple drink brands, so which one of them owns Squirt?


  • Pepsi does not own Squirt
  • Coke does not own Squirt

Which Company Currently Owns Squirt?

Squirt soda is owned by Keurig Dr Pepper. They are the owners of their flagship soft drink, Dr Pepper.

Keurig Dr Pepper owns a variety of soft drink brands such as: Dr Pepper, 7 Up, A & W root beer, Canada Dry, Schweppes, Sunkist, Crush, Dun Drop, IBC, Diet Rite, Vernors, RC Cola, Hires, Stwearts, Big Red, Cplus, Cactus Cooler, Nehi Cola, Tahitian Treat and several

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