How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket
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Trying to figure out how to wash weighted blankets?

In this article, we will highlight the different washing methods that can be used, along with how to dry them and other bonus tips.

With that said, let us get right into it.

Can You Wash Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets have definitely grown in popularity in recent times. Many people swear that they help you sleep better and can help treat a wide range of sleeping disorders.

If you have dirty weighted blankets, can they be washed? Yes, you can and it is recommended that they are done in the washing machine.

Weighted Blanket Washing Machine Guide

Can You Wash a Weighted Blanket? Everything You Need to Know
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Washing your weighted blanket in the washing machine is a pretty easy process, but there are a couple things you should be aware of before starting.

Cold Water & Gentle Cycle:

Because most weighted blankets have some type of fillers, it’s best to use cold water to prevent shrinking or any other damage to the filler. In addition, to prevent the fillers and the outside fabric from becoming distorted, it’s best to use a gentle cycle. If the blanket is extremely dirty, you should run a second wash cycle instead of using a harsher wash.

Detergent Matters:

Gentle detergent is generally recommended for washing blankets. However, you will need to take into consideration the specific material that’s used in your blanket. Materials such as Sherpa or fleece will need mild detergent whereas cotton and other natural fibers can generally be used with regular detergent.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets can get up to 20 pounds in weight before they are wet, and can get up to double their original weight when wet. As such, hand washing is not recommended as it could be a back breaking task. You should therefore wash your blanket on a gentle machine cycle. 

  1. Before you pop your weighted blanket in the wash, you should place it in a pre-soak. This can help to lift stains and dirt.
  2. To prepare a presoak, add the recommended amount of detergent to water in your machine or a large pan.
  3. Ensure the detergent is adequately dissolved in the water and place your weighted blanket in, ensuring that it’s fully covered.
  4. Allow it to sit for 45 minutes to an hour before running it through the wash cycle.

Drying Your Washed Weighted Blanket

After washing your weighted blanket, you will need to rinse it thoroughly. Once rinsed, the next step will depend on the filling that’s used in your particular blanket. Some weighted blankets are filled with metallic pellets, and others have glass or plastic beads.

For blankets with glass or plastic beads, tumble drying will be the best option to protect the inner beads. Regular heat settings could also damage the outer fabric depending on the type. 

For blankets with any metallic or plastic beads, air drying is generally the safest option. You don’t want the plastic beads to melt in the dryer and you don’t want the metal beads to get too hot. 

Apart from the filling, some outer materials work best with the air drying method as well. Fabrics such as fleece or Sherpa are best dried in the open air to prevent damage to their fibers. Avoid hanging your blanket on a line, as this could lead to the filler falling to one side. Instead lay the blanket down or hang it across multiple lines so the filler can be spread out across the length of it. 

Bonus Tip: You should never attempt to iron a weighted blanket. Not only is it unnecessary, but you run the risk of damaging the blanket and it’s filling.

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