How to Wash Gymshark Leggings?

How to Wash Gymshark Leggings Properly
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Almost everyone I know owns a pair of Gymshark leggings. In a relatively short time the brand has blown up all over the world, developing a cult-like following.

Known for their leggings and other activewear, Gymshark boasts of durability and high quality performance. While their activewear is not necessarily cheap, many people choose to invest in Gymshark because they are known to last long, with proper care.

So how do you properly wash Gymshark leggings to lengthen their lifespan?

Continue reading below for washing and other tips to help your leggings stay in great shape.

Best Way to Wash Gymshark Leggings

How to Clean Gymshark Leggings in the Washing Machine
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Gymshark leggings can be seen as an investment because of their high quality. It is a given that right maintenance is necessary and that first step is proper washing.

When it comes to cleaning your Gymshark leggings, you have two options available.

  • Washing Machine
  • Hand wash

Let us look at each washing method in detail below.

Washing Machine Wash Settings

When washing the leggings in the washing machine, below are the settings and instructions that should be used.

Cold Water Only:

While cotton and other natural fibers are best washed in warm water, this is not the case for synthetic fibers often used in sportswear. In addition, warm water will fade and wear down fabric quicker than cold water will. By using cold water for the wash cycle you will ensure your Gymshark leggings remain vibrant. 

Wash with Like Colors & Fabrics Only:

While you might be tempted to toss your Gymshark leggings in the wash with your regular clothes, doing so is not recommended. Items such as towels and jeans will cause friction that could cause wearing down or your leggings. In addition, it is best to wash your leggings by themselves or with other articles of sportswear so you can tailor the wash cycle properly and use the correct detergent. Also avoid overfilling your washer as this might leave some articles of clothing poorly washed. 

Turn the Gymshark Leggings Inside Out:

The makersof Gymshark leggings advise that you turn them inside out to reduce wear and tear in the washer. While you might be tempted to skip this step, don’t. Doing this will protect the outer side of your leggings, keeping them bright and looking sharp.

In addition this step allows for any sweat that was wicked away from your body during exercise to be effectively washed away.

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Hand washing Guide

If you feel the washing machine might be too harsh on your leggings (even on a gentle cycle), you can always hand wash them.

This is quite easy, as you fill a tub with warm water and add your detergent that is designed for activewear.

You can leave the leggings in the water to soak a bit before you start your hand washing.

Gently rub your clothing against your palms. This should be done for a couple minutes to remove the built up dirt and grime. Once finished, rinse. (Please note, you should not use fabric softener with your leggings).

Pat dry with a heavy towel and hang it out to air dry.

Best Soap to Use to Wash Your Gymshark Leggings

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Sports and exercise fanatics know that when it comes to detergents and washing soaps, not all are created equal. To get the best out of your activewear, you should choose a detergent that is specially designed for them. Most regular detergents are created for cotton fabric which is often easier to wash and traps less dirt and oil in its fibers. Synthetic fibers such as those in your Gymshark leggings need more specialized cleaning power to get rid of the oil that regular detergent cannot get at. 

Drying Your Washed Gymshark Leggings

If your climate allows, air drying is the best way to dry your leggings to avoid heat damage. While many people know the risks of washing in the dryer (tearing, fraying of fabric etc), not many are aware of how much damage is done to clothes in the dryer.

Whether it’s being kept in too long or being dried at heat levels that are too high, the dryer can cause just as much if not more damage than the washer. Because Gymshark leggings contain synthetic material blends, too much heat can be especially harmful to the fabric. If you are unable however to hang your clothes in the open air, then a quick tumble dry should do the trick.

Bonus Tip:Your Gymshark leggings and activewear generally come with detailed washing guides on the labels. Check them out for more details.

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