Star Wars Airpod Case

If you are looking for Star Wars Airpod cases, we have complied a list of the 6 best ones available now.

So if you are specifically looking for Darth Vader, Storm Trooper or Yoda cases, this is definitely for you.

Darth Vader Airpod Case

Baby Yoda Airpods Case

What the reviewers are saying?

The Baby Yoda AirPod case is totally worth the money and makes me smile every time I use my AirPods. The case is made very well. I’ve already dropped the case several times and the AirPods have not been impacted. Additionally, I get compliments on my AirPods case daily. If you’re a nerd like me, this is definitely a a great addition.

Darth Vader Airpod Case

Darth Vader Airpod Case on a Table

What the reviewers are saying?

“Gift for my boyfriend who is a huge Star Wars fan and he absolutely loved it”

Storm Trooper Airpod Case #1

Storm Trooper Airpod Case on a Table

What reviewers are saying?

“I thought it was going to be really cheap and flimsy but it came in, I opened it up and I was so happy! I love Star Wars and I wanted to protect my AirPods case. I already scratched the case so I got this to protect and also, STAR WARS! Everyone that see the Star Wars case is amazed how cool it looks.

I definitely recommend! Oh, it also came with a keychain too.”

Yoda Airpod Case

Yoda Airpod Case on a Table

What reviewers are saying?

“A+++ material and easy to use.”

Darth Vader Airpod Case #2

Black Darth Vader Airpods Case

What reviewers are saying?

“I bought these as a Christmas gift for my husband simply because he’s a Star Wars fan and was surprised by how much he likes them and he says they work great and are more durable and practical than expected.”

Storm Trooper Airpod Case #2

Storm Tropper Airpods Case

Storm Trooper Airpod Case #3

Grey Storm Trooper Airpod Case

What reviewers are saying?

“I still have it I absolutely love it!! I’ve had a lot of compliments!!! It’s very durable I totally recommend it! Still very vibrant colors no fading”

3 Reasons Why You Need a Star Wars Airpod Case Cover?

Insanely Cute: Off the bat, the main reason why you need to own one of these Star Wars Airpod cases is that they are really really cute.

You will be able to add a lot of flair to your generally boring headphones case and if you are a big fan of Darth Vader, Yoda or the Storm Troopers, you really get to showcase with these cases.

Cool Protection: Aside from looking dope, these cases also are able to deliver a level of protection for your Airpods case.

The silicone design will reduce scratches to the case, as well as added protection if you accidentally drop them.

You’ll Get A lot of Compliments: Be prepared for a lot of “That’s so cool”, “Where did you get that”, “OMG” and more. Because of the unique design and look of the Star Wars Airpod cases, people are going to want what you have.

These cases are a great conversation starter and compliment getter, so they are definitely worth the money.

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