How to Thaw Beyond Burger Quickly?

How to Thaw a Beyond Burger - Step-by-Step Guide

As a meat eater, I must say that Beyond Burgers are impressively amazing! A healthy option, but still has that punch and deliciousness that I am used to J

With that said, you ended up here because you are probably super-hungry and want to know how to quickly thaw Beyond Burgers so you can take that big bite to satisfy your craving.

Not to worry, we look at the recommended and quick methods available, highlighting some important information you need to know about each one.

How Do You Thaw Beyond Burger Quickly?

Cook Beyond Burger From Frozen

Beyond Meats, manufacturer’s of the Beyond Burger, answered that question with a Facebook post to a user who had a similar concern.

They stated “we recommend thawing the Beyond Burgers overnight in a refrigerator before cooking. They can be cooked from frozen in a pinch, though it would likely require extending the cooking time by a few minutes on each side. I hope this helps!”

As you can see, defrosting Beyond Burgers overnight is the recommended method to prep them for cooking, but they can be cooked from frozen if you need to have them sizzling and ready in a hurry.

Ideally, it is best to have them thawed out as you can add your own seasoning or whatever you like to the meat before cooking.

A quick thawing method people use is the microwave. We will look at that in more detail below.

Can You Use the Microwave to Defrost Beyond Burgers?

While you can cook a Beyond Burger directly from frozen, it is best to have them thawed out so you can add your favorite seasoning to enhance the overall flavor of these delicious burgers.

If you need to cook the burgers immediately, then having them thaw overnight will not help you.

 In a case like this, the microwave can be used as a quick and effective method to defrost your Beyond Burger.

Most Microwaves have a defrost setting, which is usually 30 percent power. This setting will allow the burger patties to defrost, but it isn’t as simple as ‘set it and forget it’.

As Twitter user @chronically1999 found out, thawing your Beyond Burger patties in the microwave can result in disaster if not done properly.

There are two things you need to be aware of when using the microwave to defrost food, especially these types of burger patties.

Leaving it in Too Long Can Turn It Into Mush

While the microwave can thaw your burger, you need to be actively monitoring it. If you keep it in too long, it will just turn soggy and into mush, as @chronically1999 found out.

The trick is to let the microwave run for about 30 seconds in defrost mode. Once finished, check to see if it is defrosted to your liking. If not, let it go in the microwave for 5-10 more seconds, repeating until fully thawed.

The Microwave Can Cook Your Burger

Even though the microwave uses a lower power setting in defrost mode, there is also the possibility of the microwave starting to cook the Beyond Burger, while it also turns into a soggy mess if you leave it in too long.

When it comes to safe microwave defrosting, you should know that “As food is defrosting in the microwave, the edges of the food may begin to warm or slightly cook while the inside of the food remains frozen.”

When thawing your burger meat, do it in short bursts and constantly check to ensure that it is not cooking while it thaws and that it is not becoming mushy.

At the end of the day, try not to end up like this Twitter user below.

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Wrapping it up

Do you need to thaw a Beyond Burger before cooking them? The answer is a yeas and no.

Beyond Meats recommends that they are thawed overnight before you cook them. However, they also stated that if you are in a rush, you can cook them directly from frozen.

If you have a microwave, you can use it to defrost your burger patties quickly, you just need to not let the microwave run too long, as there is a chance it could start to cook your burger, as well as turn the patties into mush.

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