How to Reheat Waffles So They Are Perfect

Image Credit: Ralph Daily w/CC License
Image Credit: Ralph Daily w/CC License

It’s somewhat torturous to write this blog post. Seeing that nice absolutely delicious waffle above makes me want to have one ASAP. Like who doesn’t like waffles? They are so simple to make, taste utterly amazing and are the perfect breakfast food……..(20 minutes later)……I had to take a break and get some waffles in my stomach.

So if you are on this page, I am pretty sure you want to know what options to use when it comes to reheating waffles. Well, take some time to read below, as I have crafted a quick little guide that will show you how to warm up like a pro.

Drumroll……The Toaster!

If you have homemade waffles that you have frozen, then the toaster is the quickest and best option available to get things reheated in a jiffy. This is quick and painless, just as we like it, especially if hunger abounds.


  • Take frozen or cold waffle and place it in the toaster.
  • Allow it to heat up until it is not cold and goldenly crisp.
  • If it is frozen, you might have to keep it in the toaster a bit longer to ensure it is fully reheated.
  • Take out and enjoy.

The Oven is Also Another Option

If for some reason you do not own a toaster, or you have a bunch of waffles that need to be reheated all at once, you could also use the oven. This is going to be a bit longer process, but the result is generally going to be the same.


  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Place frozen or cold waffle on a baking/cookie sheet.
  • Place inside the oven and allow them to reheat for about 10 to 20 minutes or till golden brown and fully reheated.
  • Takeout and enjoy.

As you can see, it is not a difficult process to go about warming up waffles. All the options are relatively quick and you can be enjoying your meal just like that.

The above methods will also work for Belgian waffles. Quick and easy methods that will get you the results that you need.

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