How to Reheat Banana Bread Properly

How to Reheat Banana Bread - 3 Best Methods to Use

How do you reheat banana bread? If you landed on this page, I am pretty sure that you are in need of some instruction as to the correct way to get banana bread warmed up properly.

The process of reheating is pretty simple, especially since you have so many options at your disposal. Below, I am going to highlight the best methods to reheat banana bread, some quick, others not so quick……but they all get the job done.

3 Best Ways to Reheat Banana Bread

There is nothing better than fresh banana bread right out of the oven.

If you want to recapture that magic, you will want to reheat your banana bread.

When it comes to warming this baked bread up, you have 3 options available.

You can reheat using either:

Let us take a detailed look at each option below.

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How to Reheat Banana Bread in the Oven?

Banana Bread
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The oven, while slow, is a pretty good option to use when it comes to reheating your banana bread.

When reheated using the oven, the banana bread will taste like it was freshly made. So even though it will take a couple of minutes to get everything warmed up, the end result should definitely be worth it.


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Place the banana bread in an oven safe dish.
  3. Place in oven and let it reheat for 15-25 minutes (the time will vary and this will often depend on if you are reheating it from room temperature or if the banana bread was frozen)
  4. Once you feel it has been reheated to the level that you want, take out and enjoy.

How to Reheat Banana Bread in the Microwave?

The microwave is a quick and effective method that you can use to reheat your banana bread.

The amount of time that it takes to reheat will depend on if you are doing a slice or a whole loaf. However, it should not take more than a couple of seconds to for it to warm up.


  1. Take the banana bread and place in a microwave safe container.
  2. (Optional) You can place a damp paper towel or cloth over the bread to prevent it from drying out.
  3. Zap it for maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute (depending on the size and how cold it is).
  4. If it is still not heated to your liking, microwave in 10 second intervals till it is warmed up.
  5. Once finished, remove from the microwave, allow to cool and serve.

How to Reheat Banana Bread in the Toaster

Using the toaster to reheat banana bread is a bit different, but it is possible.

For this method to work, it all depends on the texture of the banana bread. Depending on how it is made, banana bread can be pretty crumbly. If you place a slice that crumbles inside of the toaster, there is a good chance that it will break apart.

If you find that your banana bread is firm, then you can definitely go with the toaster as a reheating option.


  1. Cut the banana bread into slices that are big enough to fit inside of a toaster.
  2. Let it toast for the desired time and when finished, take it out and enjoy.

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