An In-depth Look at Shimano Spin Shoes

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If you had the chance to look at my Spin shoes guide (found here), you will see that I recommend 5 top and highly rated cycling shoes that are ideal for Spinning.

On the list are a variety of brands and one that really stands out and is considered to be the #1 choice for indoor cycling is Shimano.

If you should ask any instructor, they will tell you that if you purchase a pair of Shimano, you will not have any worries and it will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your life.

The Must-Have Models

Below I am going to highlight some of the models that are perfect for your indoor cycling class. All of them are excellent buys and you honestly cannot go wrong with your purchase.

Stand Out Features

What makes Shimano spinning shoes so popular is the fact that they are so well designed and carries certain features that make it easier to ride and increases your performance.

The Sole

The sole of all Shimano shoes are super flat, which makes it that much easier to ride in, as the flat surface allows for more efficiency. You will find that you get a better workout, as well as pedaling in certain positions is not that that hard.

Easy to Clip in

SPD pedals are what are used in Spinning classes and all Shimano footwear are compatible. You can take the guess work out trying to figure out if what you buy will work. All you need to do is buy the clips and you will be in business.

They Will Last a Long Time

I can definitely say that these are going to be an excellent investment. Because they are high-quality footwear, they will not fall apart and you can ride in them for years, before you have to change them or consider getting another pair. Riding shoes are less involved, compared to those designed for running. As such, you will find people who still have pairs in almost perfect condition, years after they bought them. Even though the pricing might be high for some, it is a really a good investment and one you will not regret.


I would not call these stylish footwear, but for what they are, they look better than some of the others that are out there. Simplicity is the order of the day and you will not get screaming “look at me” colors with this brand.

How Does it Stack up for the Competition?

There are other options available, but Shimano indoor cycling shoes are a good buy for both men and women. The reason it stands out is that they are some of the highest quality footwear available. The company has been making cycling footwear for years and they know what they are doing. They have done research and figured out what materials work, how it should be designed and how it delivers superior performance.

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