The Ultimate Spinning Shoe Guide for 2017

Best Shoes for Spinning Class
Best Shoes for Spinning Class

The sweat is dripping or should I say streaming down your face. Your legs are pumping; you are burning tons of calories, having fun and wishing you had known about this workout years ago. This my friend is Spinning, one of the most intense, insanely popular and effective ways to get yourself in-shape.

If you landed on this page, then you are probably looking to get recommendations for really great shoes for your spinning class. Well, you are in luck as I will highlight the top 5 must have, as well as deliver other important information that you need to know that will assist you in making your purchase.

Before You Go and Buy

I know you are all excited and ready to enjoy your class. The big  question that needs answering is doe you need special shoes when doing your spinning class and are they a must have? I am going to tackle that pertinent question and also answer some others, as I want to ensure that before you go out and spend your hard earned money that you are aware and informed about what you are going to be buying.

1. Do You Need Spin Shoes?

If you are just starting out and new to indoor cycling, you honestly do not need to go out and purchase specific shoes immediately. It is a not a must, HOWEVER, it does make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your performance.

If you decide to wear your everyday athletic trainers to class, you can take a look at the spinning cycle and you will notice that many of they have a pedal cage where you can buckle your shoe in. (Think of the pedals on the stationary bikes at the gym). In this setup you can essentially wear anything to class and you will be good to go.

Cycling Shoes

When you are more seasoned in the whole Spinning experience, you will notice that when you use the pedal cage, your performance will not be at its best. Your feet will always have that loose feeling, especially when going into different positions.

Once you wear a pair of cycling shoes that can be clipped in. The difference is like night and day. You will be able to have more control, your workout is better and your overall effectiveness is increased. Many people who have made the switch often state that they wish they had invested in a pair of indoor cycling shoes from the get go.

2. Know What Type of Pedals You Will be Using

Before you head out to buy a pair of specialized shoes for Spinning, it is a good idea to find out what type of pedals your gym will be using.

SPD (Shimano Pedal Dynamics) are what are supposed to be used in all Spinning classes. This pedal works with SPD designed shoes and it features a 2-hole cleat system that makes it easy for the feet to lock in. What you get is a more secured ride and better effectiveness. Even though SPD is standard, you will find that some gyms might use the Look pedal system. This is totally different as it uses a 3-hole clip system and it is a bit different in size. You have to ensure you buy the right shoe for the right pedal system or you will end up with footwear that is not compatible and totally useless.

3. What Indoor Cycling Shoes Others are Wearing?

Even though we recommend the best spinning shoes available for both men and women, it is a good idea to find out from others the pros and cons of the shoes that they own. You can start with your instructor. Ask him/her why they chose that particular brand and how they like the fit and performance. You can also ask some of the other people in the class as well and just get a general feel for what people are wearing and why they chose that particular option. You can then start comparing with the information you have, it is from then you can then make a decision as to the best one to buy.

4. How Much Money Would You Like to Spend

Cost is another factor you need to take into account. There are varying prices for shoes and it can range from relatively cheap to expensive. The good thing is you have options and you are not required to get the most expensive one. All the ones we recommend vary in price, but the performance is still considered to be top-notch.  If you find that the some of the footwear choices are too expensive, then you can go and get something that is cheaper.

Important Features the Shoe Should Have

One of the reasons why cycling shoes are perfect for spinning class is that they have certain characteristics that makes your ride much more efficient and gives you an overall better performance. Pf you are out looking for specific footwear, then make sure that they have all the features listed below.

Velcro Straps

You may remember wearing Velcro shoes as a youngster, they were so simple to keep the feet secured and oh so stylish (sarcasm). Well Velcro is the magical glue for spinning shoes. One of the reasons is that it is perfect for keeping the feet securely in place and this will ensure that you will have stability when riding. You do not have to worry about the feet slipping all over the place or having too much of a loose fit.

There are some that may have two Velcro straps or others with three.  Whichever one you opt for, just make sure you get some that has these straps available.

Stiff Sole

A stiff sole allows for better performance as it allow for more efficient energy transfer, as well as more power. You will find that it is easier to pedal in, your feet and legs will also not fatigue as easily. The flat, solid surface also allows for more control and it enhances the way you pedal, utilizing the full range of muscles, in your legs such as your hamstrings and quadriceps.

Breathable Design

Your feet are going to be doing a lot of work and it won’t take them long to get hot. Shoes for spinning are made of breathable fabric so that your feet can get some air during the workout. You will find that a lot of the footwear is designed with a lot of mesh to allow for increased air flow and breathability.


Look for indoor cycling shoes that have a nice fit and are comfortable to ride in. You do not want to get something that will hurt the feet or are a pain to workout in. It is a good idea to look for something that fits properly and this is why it is advisable to try them on and test them out before you make your purchase.

You should also remember that shoes designed for Spin classes cannot be broken in. Due to the stiff soles, they are going to essentially be the same as when you first bought them. This is why you need to make sure you get something that has a nice comfortable fit.

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