The Best SSD for Macbook Pro – Time to Make Your Machine Faster Than Ever

Do you have a MacBook Pro that is struggling? Do you have a machine that you want to see some big improvements in its performance? Do you just want to upgrade to a SSD. Well I am here to tell you that a SSD is the biggest improvement that you can make to your computer.

It is fact not fiction that once you install a new SSD into your MacBook, you’re going to see the computer respond quicker in every aspect. You reboots will take seconds, your programs will open almost instantaneously and the SSD will have it feeling like a brand new machine.

So What SSD Do I Buy?

There are so many different factors that come into play, when you are looking to upgrade your hard drive to a SSD in your MacBook Pro. I could easily tell you to go out and purchase the biggest possible drive, but the price tag can be a bit much for some people. Also, some people might not need that much space.

With that the drive you purchase will depend on how much you’re willing to spend, the amount of storage you need and the type of programs you use on your Mac.

Light User /Not Looking to Spend A lot of Money

If you just use your MacBook Pro to surf the Internet, do a bit of word processing, watch movies, edit pictures, listen to music, then it would be a good idea to go with a 64 GB – 128 GB Drive. These drives are not very expensive and it should be more than enough to install the operating system and the few programs that you use.

Tip: If you store a lot of music, movies and pictures, then it is a good idea to invest in some external hard drive storage (you can use your old hard drive, just get an external enclosure for it).

Medium User/Won’t Mind Spending That Extra

If you use your MacBook Pro to do a lot more than just surfing the net and you use a good amount of programs, then you’re going to need a lot more storage space. 128 GB – 256 GB drives are ok and the price is something you can justify, especially if you need the space.

Tip: As a medium user, I’m pretty sure that you do a lot of downloading of data. It is good to have backup storage device, as you will find that can fill not an issue these hard drives pretty quickly.

Heavy User/Money is not an Issue/I Need the Space

For those of you need the hard drive space and price is not an issue, then the bigger drives are ideal for you. Anything above 256 GB will do, as it will be able to hold all your data with ease.

Tip: If you are a super heavy user, then you will already have extra storage lying about the place, so this tip really is null and void.

Installing SSD in Macbook

If you’re worried about changing out your hard drive and think it might be difficult, then take a look at this website. It gives a step-by-step process to upgrade your MacBook Pro hard drive and also copy your data.

How to change the hard drive of the First generation (January 2006–October 2008), Second generation (October 2008–June 2009) and Third generation (June 2009-Present) MacBook Pros are covered.

You can also check out the videos below

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