13 Cutest Tik Tok Cake Ideas

With the explosion of the social media app, Tik Tok, you are bound to find tweens and teens asking for a Tik Tok cake for their birthday or special occasion.

We decided to compile a list of 13 cute Tik Tok cake themes/designs that can inspire or give you ideas for what the cake should look like.

To have a successful Tik Tok cake, you need to have a lot of color that pops. Blues, pinks and chocolate always work perfectly together for these types of cakes. Don’t forget glitter, A LOT of glitter.

Just having the Tik Tok logo is enough to bring the excitement with the birthday cake, you can however take it up a notch by throwing in some headphones.

Tik Tok is about the music and headphones is a great way to drive home that point.

A great way to bring the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ to the birthday celebration is a stacked Tik Tok birthday cake. These

You can always jazz up your cake, with embellishments related to music & Tik Tok. Microphone, headphones and a camera all work to give the cake some extra oomph and style.

Be extra! Aside from having a really nice design, you can throw on some candy for that extra sweet touch. Be creative and sweet, remember sugar is your friend!

Tik Tok is social media that is all about the music. A great way to showcase that is by mixing in musical notes with likes and hearts. You can take it a step further by throwing in some popular hashtags, as well as the tweens/teen @.

While most people opt for fondant, you can have success with a buttercream Tik Tok cake. Really easy to pull off as you can just throw in some color, stars and candy. The end result is still a win, without a ton load of work.


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