Can You Freeze Muffins?

How to Freeze Muffins - A Step-by-Step Guide
Guide to Freezing Muffins

If you are here, you probably want to know if you can freeze muffins to store them long-term?

Well, you are on the right page.

Below is just a short guide that will show you the right way to go about freezing muffins, as well as other useful information.

So, let’s get right into it.

Can You Freeze Muffins? Should You Be Doing This?

Freezing Muffins

Quick Answer: Yes, you can freeze muffins. When packaged properly freezing, they can be stored for up to 3 months with no problems. There is no change in the taste or texture and once thawed they will basically taste the same as when they were first made. Freezing muffins is great long term storage, as you can make a big batch had freeze them for that upcoming party that you might be having in the future or take them out whenever you want to enjoy something yummy and sweet.

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How to Freeze Muffins? A Step-by-Step Guide

Muffins Stacked On Top of Each Other

When it comes to freezing muffins the whole process is very quick and simple. Once you get started, it will only take you a couple of minutes to get everything done.

  1. Let Muffins Cool Before Freezing – The first thing you are going to need is obviously some muffins. If you are making them from scratch, you will need to allow them to cool fully before you start preparing them for freezing.
  2. Wrap the Muffins – Once the muffins have cooled, you will wrap them with plastic wrap. Muffins can either be wrapped individually or in groups. Muffins should be wrapped multiple times to ensure that they are fully covered.
  3. Optional Wrapping – As an extra step to protect the muffins,  you can give them a second layer of protection by wrapping with aluminum foil.
  4. Place in Freezer Safe Bag – Once on the muffins are wrapped up, you can now place them inside of heavy duty freezer bag. Before you seal the freezer bag, it is a good idea to squeeze out as much air as possible, then seal.
  5. Label Freezer Bag – It is recommended that you write the date on the freezer bag, so you have an idea of when the muffins first went in the freezer. Six months from now, you not want you to be going into the back of the freezer and finding a bag of muffins and wondering how long they have been in there. Remember, if stored properly, muffins can be kept in the freezer for up to 2 to 3 months.

How to Thaw Frozen Muffins

Before eating your frozen muffins, they will have to be defrosted.

There are have two options when it comes to thawing out your frozen treats.

You can either let them sit overnight inside the refrigerator and defrost that way or you can put them on the kitchen counter and let them thaw out at room temperature.

Whichever method you use; the plastic wrap should be kept on the muffins as they thaw out. This will allow them to reabsorb the moisture they lost when they were frozen.

Once the frozen muffins have thawed, the can be reheated so they get that warm and toasty taste.

I have a detailed reheating muffin guide that will highlight the different methods that can be used to warm up muffins, along with detailed instructions.

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Wrapping it up

Freezing muffins is a quick and simple process that makes for excellent long-term storage.

Once muffins are packed and frozen properly, there will be no change in the taste and texture once thawed.

If you want to store muffins for use at a later time, freezing them is a must.

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