Can You Freeze Donuts?

2 Donuts With Icing Standing Up
Guide: Freezing Donuts Porperly

There is just something about those magical round absolutely magical donuts up above that makes it hard to just have one! If you have ever gone to the donut store, you know how easy it is to take home a dozen or more.

Now I know it would be pretty greedy and also unhealthy to try and eat off so much donuts in one sitting, but there has got to be a better way to go about storing them? I know many of you are wondering if you can freeze donuts and if it is a good option. Freezing them is one of the easiest storage options and when done properly, you are able to store them for up to 2-3 months.

How to Freeze Donuts?

Freezing donuts is a pretty simple process and all you need to do is:

  1. Take donuts out of the box
  2. Wrap in plastic wrap or wax paper thoroughly
  3. Place wrapped donut inside of a Ziplock freezer bag
  4. Write the date you placed them inside, to get an idea as to how long you have stored them
  5. You can reheat donuts very quickly, so you do not have to wait forever to enjoy your sweet treat.Box of Donuts With Different Varieties. Sprinkles and Glazed

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What About Glazed Donuts?

If you want to ensure that the perfect glaze is not messed up when wrapping them for freezing, then you can follow the steps below.

  1. Place doughnuts on a baking or cookie sheet
  2. Place in freezer for 3-5 hours to ensure that they are fully frozen
  3. Take off cookie/baking sheet and wrap in plastic wrap or wax paper
  4. Place in Ziplock bags and write the date that they were placed in there
  5. Pop out and reheat when you want.

You can also freeze cinnamon, jam, apple cider, cream filled, chocolate frosted, jelly filled donuts with no problems. The only one that might be tricky are the powdered ones, as when you start to defrost them, the powdered sugar and the moisture would not be a good combination.

As you can see, the above process is quite simple and will only take you a couple of minutes. The good thing is that you will now have donuts stored away for when you need that sweet emergency boost. You can easily get your Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme addiction filled in no time.

How to Freeze Doughnuts

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How to Thaw/Defrost Frozen Donuts?

Thawing out donuts is a pretty easy process, all it requires is patience. Take your frozen donuts out the freezer and just let them sit at room temperature till they are fully thawed out. This can take up to an hour, so give yourself some time.

If you are looking to reheat/warm up your donuts, you can always speed up the process by just popping it in the microwave or the oven and you will get nice perfectly heated doughnuts as well.

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