Best Way to Reheat a Calzone

Best Way to Reheat a Calzone

Image Credit: cookipedia w/CC License

Mmmmmmmmmm, what would I do for a piping hot calzone! Ohhh, I am soo hungry, I actually envy you guys who are looking up the best way to reheat a calzone. Clearly you have one sitting in the fridge, just waiting to be devoured. Since I will not be able to get my grubby little hands on one, I can help you guys out and tell you the best method to use to ensure that you get the perfectly reheated calzone.

Do It In the Oven!

Honestly, this is by far the best method to reheat your calzone. If done properly, you can have it tasting (food tastes the best fresh out of the oven) as if you got it freshly made.

  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
  • Take calzone out of the fridge and place on a baking sheet
  • You can spritz the calzone with a bit of oil, as this will give it a nice golden look when reheated
  • Place the calzone in the oven and bake the calzone for 15-20 minutes
  • You want to give it enough time for the filling inside to fully reheat
  • Once finished, take out, let cool for a little bit and dig in.

Do Not Use the Microwave

If you want to turn your calzone into crap, then by all means use your microwave. Microwaving this food will make the crust all soggy and it won’t be crisp as if you did it in the oven. Using the microwave is a no no and it is something I definitely cannot recommend.


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