Take a Look at the Best Bloch Shoes Perfect for Zumba

nice-zumba-shoesIt would make a lot of sense to go and get footwear that is designed by a company that has been making dancing shoes for decades. They would know exactly what a dancer needs in terms of support and flexibility. This would translate well when doing a class such as Zumba, as there are so many types of movements that the feet will be doing at any given time.

Bloch is the company that is known for making high quality footwear for ballet and contemporary dancers. They also have a good selection of fitness sneakers.

Below I am going to highlight the best Bloch shoes for Zumba. Take a look at some of the most comfortable and easy to dance in footwear around.

Bloch Lightening II

Bloch LighteningYou will find the Lightening II is on my list of best dance aerobic shoes. The main reason why I had this is a recommendation, the fact that this was an exceptional sneaker to dancing. It was very comfortable, it did not weigh a ton on the feet, was easy to move around in and was also pretty stylish. In fact, this is regarded as being one of the best looking dance sneakers from them. What makes this footwear so good, is the fact that is designed specifically for dancers. This means that there is a pivot point at the bottom outsole, which makes it easier to turn and twist or do just about anything that you need to do in Zumba. It is also offers great support, which means you’ll be able to move around quickly, without fear of injuring yourself or having decreased performance. If you want a pretty good sneaker, that is considered to be one of the best available, then you should certainly consider the Lightening II.

Bloch Boost DRT Mesh Sneaker


It is definitely not the best looking sneaker out there, in fact, for some people it is downright ugly, but yes it delivers the performance you are looking for. The split sloe gives it an advantage of being very flexible, something that the other sneakers are unable to do. Flexibility aside, these are also pretty comfy and you can wear them all class and not have to worry about aching feet afterwards.

Bloch Traverse


The Traverse is the newest option and like the others above, it is pretty solid and it will deliver exactly what you are looking for. Comfortable, light as a feather, great support and a host of other features make it an easy choice if you are looking for something to solid to dance in. It’s styling is also pretty eye-catching and these will look great on the feet and also when worn with the right gym attire.

Bloch Apex Low and Mid


Is a shoe that is designed specifically for dance aerobics classes such as Zumba. You will have no problem with thesm, as they not only deliver outstanding comfort, but the overall design is focused on support of the feet. It has a pretty good structure that translates into excellent support for the feet. The midsole is designed to provide shock absorbtion and bounce, especially when you are doing specific jumps and want a cushioned landing. There is also a pivot point at the bottom of the shoe, which makes it easier to do free movements when spinning or turning. The sneaker is available in both the low or mid versions. The mid is an option for those who are looking for more support for their ankles, as Zumba can be pretty intense dance class.

Where Bloch has the Advantage?

blochOne of the big reasons to consider Bloch shoes as good options for Zumba is the fact the footwear is designed specifically for dancers. As such, you will generally find that the fit

While it is not a popular name in the world of athletic trainers, if you’re supposed to ask any dancer, they would definitely know what you are talking about when you mention the companies name. They have been around for quite a number of years and during that time, they have crafted some of the highest quality dance footwear around. They know what dancers need and this can easily be translated into their sneakers. You are guaranteed to get high quality footwear, that is pretty easy to move around in, as well as being extremely lightweight, flexible and supportive. While some of the options are not the most stylish around, that can be secondary if performance is what you are looking for. You really do not want to have something that looks really good on your feet and after you are finished your Zumba class, you are crying in agony because your feet hurt.

While you know names such as NikeReebokRykaAsics and Puma; these sneakers will perform just as good, if not better than some of what those companies are offering. It is a pretty good buy if you ask me and you will not regret your purchase at all.

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