A Look at the 5 Best CrossFit Shoes for Women

Image Credit: alifench w/CC License
Image Credit: alifench w/CC License

You will probably drive yourself crazy trying to sort through all the different shoe options that are available for CrossFit. What I decided to do with this nifty little guide is highlight some of the better shoe options that are perfect for women and hopefully this can make finding your next shoe purchase that much easier.

All the CrossFit shoes for women listed below get high praises in the community and you can be guaranteed that whichever one that you choose, will deliver the optimal performance that you will require for the high impact workouts you will be doing.

New Balance Minimus 20v3

New Balance Minimus 20v3Rated as one of the top CrossFit shoes available, the Minimus (also known as the New Balance WX20) is a great choice for your workout. A 6mm heel to toe drop, it is minimal, lightweight and easy to move around in. You will have no problems pulling off your WOD and because they are so flat, they are a good choice to lift in.

Reebok Nano 3.0

reebok-crossfit-nano-3Reebok was one of the first major athletic shoe companies that crafted shoes specifically for CrossFit. The Nano was the first and even though it is now in its 3rd reiteration this is a highly rated sneaker that is designed specifically for the intense workouts you will be undertaking.

The shoe is easy to run in and do WODs, it is durable and best of all, it is flat and stable enough to lift weights in. This is a multi-purpose sneaker that truly gets the job done.

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210

Inov-8-Bare-XF-210If you want an absolute minimal/barefoot sneaker, then the Bare-XF 210 by Inov-8 is really one to check out. This sneaker features a 0mm drop along with no midsole, so you are getting an absolute barefoot feel and fit. The shoe is extremely durable and because of its ultra-flat design, it is ideal to run in and also lift weights.

Nike Free

nike-free-trainer-5.0Nike Frees are not the best performing minimalist sneaker available for women, but they are some of the most stylish available. Depending on the type of Nike Free that you buy, you are going to get an extremely flexible shoe that also gives natural motion and that barefoot experience. They will work for CrossFit, excellent to run in, but the jury is still out on it being a solid choice to lift weights in.


If you want some more detailed information what other features you should look out, take a look at my 2014 CrossFit Training shoe guide. There I give a more in-depth breakdown of must have features that your footwear should have.

A quick rundown is that you should be looking for footwear that has:


Minimalist are barefoot sneakers are considered to be some of the best options available for Crossfit. One of the reasons why they are so highly rated, is the fact that they offer very limited amounts of cushioning, the sole is essentially flat and this allows for your feet to have more natural motion, which translates into better performance. The great thing is the fact that most of the shoes that we listed above are all designed specifically for Crossfit and as such, have a minimalist/barefoot design to them.


It is good look for a sneaker that is extremely lightweight, as you definitely do not want to be working out with something on your feet that feels like cement blocks. The lighter the shoe is the easier it is for you to move around and you would be surprised at how much this greatly affects your performance. Take this into consideration when choosing your footwear, as this can make a big difference in your workout.


Whatever sneaker that you choose, you need to make sure that it is extremely durable. Remember, Crossfit is that is an intense activity and as such, you’re going to want footwear that will stand up and not fall apart when doing grip is there anything else. Most of us sneakers that we listed are designed specifically for Crossfit and as such, they will be able to handle the rigors of this workout.


I know a couple of you women want to get footwear that performs really well, as well has having some type of style to it. Luckily, a lot of the shoes that you can wear for Crossfit are stylish in their own right. You will find that they all carry a nice modern design and look. These will look fabulous on the feet and may actually get you compliments as well. Another stand out with sneakers is the variety of colors that are available. Some of the shoes designed for CrossFit are LOUD and that works well, because it is an intense workout. The color options are plentiful and many of them will work perfectly with whatever outfit you are planning on wearing.

Try Not to Focus on Style

Even though many of you will be looking for footwear that looks good, the primary focus should not be looks, but performance. Remember, you can look as good as you want, but your form and how you approach the WOD is the most important part. Looking good is a plus, but performance trumps all of that. So opt for the shoe that has a combination of both performance and looks.

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