The Must-Read Guide Highlighting the Best Zumba Shoes for 2014

Zumba Dance Shoes

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Imagine a class where some of the hottest Latin rhythms are blasting from Salsa, Merengue and Reggaeton. Now imagine you’re sweating, moving, dancing and having loads of fun. This sounds like something that could be very interesting and all across the country people are getting fit and having fun by doing Zumba.

There is always a lot going on in this dance aerobics class and with that said, the question needs to be asked, do you have the right shoes for this activity?

Top 10 Selling & Best Zumba Shoes for 2014

To get the most out your workout, it is a good idea that you have the right footwear. There are many different options out there, but I will make your research a bit easier. Below I will highlight 10 of the must have shoes for Zumba. The ones below are all highly rated and an excellent choice to move around in.

Ryka Studio D – $67.99 2014-bestseller

Ryka Studio D

If you are looking for an awesome dancing shoe, then you are going to love the Ryka Studio D. This is a sneaker that is designed specifically for dance fitness classes such as Zumba. When you put them on, you’re going to be very impressed that they are very stable, comfortable and lightweight. You should have no problem doing any of the moves in the class wearing a pair. Ryka makes excellent dance sneakers and it is easy to see why these are considered to be some of the most popular options around. They are properly designed and the right fit for dancing.

Nike Free TR Fit 3

Nike Free TR Fit 3

If you want one of the top rated Zumba shoes that delivers outstanding performance, then the Nike Free TR Fit 3 is a good choice. This is a cross-training sneaker, but it is also pretty good Nike shoe to dance in. It is flexible, supportive, lightweight and looks really good. You will have no problems dancing in them and they definitely will be able to handle what comes your way in your fitness class.

Reebok Dance Ur Lead Mid & Low

Reebok Dance Urlead

Reebok makes great dance fitness shoes and the Reebok Dance Ur Lead is a one sneaker that is designed specifically for dance aerobics classes. This is a very popular choice among dancers, simply because it is easy to move around in, thanks to the pivot point that can be found on the bottom. It also offers excellent support and dancing in them is such a joy.

Asics Gel Flashpoint

Asics Gel Flashpoint

What’s neat about the Asics Gel Flashpoint is that it is a sneaker that is multi-functional. It is a cross-training sneaker but it is also a very good option for dancing. This shoe features everything you need for your class, but it is also very comfortable and has excellent support. This Asics shoe gets high ratings from instructors across the country and it is definitely a good buy.

Nike Flex Trainer 3

Nike Flex Trainer 3If you want a super light shoe that is very easy to dance around in, then the Nike Flex Trainer 3 is a great Zumba shoe and is one to check out. These shoes are pretty good,  as it is designed for aerobics and gym workouts, which means it is light and easy to move around in. These shoes also look really good on the feet and you can be sure that you’re going to get a lot of compliments wearing them.

Ryka Enhance

Ryka EnhanceRyka has a reputation for making high quality footwear that is designed specifically for women. With the Ryka Enhance, you are getting a multipurpose trainer that can be worn to the gym or dance aerobics/fitness classes. It is a very versatile and it’s fit makes it extremely comfortable. If you’re a gym rat and you are looking for a multi-purpose sneaker, then this is a must own.

  • Pros:Versatility makes it great for dancing, as well as do a variety of other activities. It is very comfortable and does not weight much.
  • Cons: Not much colors. Might have a hard time choosing between this and other Ryka sneakers.
  • Price: You can purchase the Ryka Enhance for as low as $47

Puma Janine

Puma JanineThe Puma Janine is another sneaker that is designed specifically for dance aerobics/fitness classes such as Zumba. It doesn’t have a lot of grip at the bottom, so pulling off dancing around in them should not be an issue. This lack of grip, also makes it pretty good to turn and spin in. This Puma dance shoe also has excellent support and this is really important, especially when doing the lateral or other types of intense moves.

  • Pros:Doesn’t have too much grip, which makes it great to dance in. Has excellent support and is very lightweight.
  • Cons: Wish there were more colors available. Due to the lack of grip, it is only good to wear in studios.
  • Price: You can purchase the Puma Janine for as low as $39

Bloch Lightening 1/2

Bloch LighteningBloch is a company that makes high quality sneakers for dancers. The Bloch Lightening (1 &2) lives up to the company’s reputation as it is a top of the line footwear that dancers love. What’s great about the Lightening, is that it has excellent support and is extremely lightweight. You should have no problem pulling off whatever moves you are going to be doing in the class. Even though it performs really well, another thing that stands out about it is that it is very stylish and looks good.

Asics Gel Rhythmic

Asics Gel Rhythmic

If you want a sneaker that is designed specifically for dance, then you are going to love the Asics Gel Rhytmic. This shoe is created specifically for aerobic classes. It is easy to move around in, thanks to the smooth outsole that also features a pivot point on the bottom. Aside from that, the Gel Rhythmic is also very lightweight and also deliver the right amount of support that is needed for high impact dance aerobics classes.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Zumba Shoes?

I am pretty sure that if you ask your instructor, they are going to tell you that you can dance in just about any athletic sneaker. This is true, once the sneaker has certain features. If you have a sneaker that is very comfortable, lightweight, supportive, fits good and does not have excessive grip, then this is the ideal choice for this aerobics class.

Comfortable – Comfort is by far the most important feature that you should look for when choosing the best shoes for Zumba. You are going to be on your feet and doing a variety of moves and as such, you are going to want one to have the most comfortable footwear on if possible. What you choose should provide excellent cushioning, as well as not hurt your feet. Wear something that have a good fit and make sure it is not too tight and uncomfortable to move around in.

Guy Dancing to Zumba

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Lightweight – I can say this confidently, that if you want really good Zumba sneakers, then look for light trainers. You are certainly not going to want to jump around with heavy blocks on your feet, as it will not only tire you out, but can also make the whole activity unbearable. Having a sneaker that lightweight, will make it easier for dancing and to move around in.

Great support – It is super-duper important that you have footwear that offers excellent support to the feet. You are going to be doing a lot of jumping and dancing in the class and as such, you want to have a shoe that will keep your feet in place when you are doing this intense activity.

Breathable – A breathable sneaker is also really good to have. Zumba is pretty intense and your feet are going to get hot. If you have a shoe that allows your feet breathe, then that will add to your overall comfort level.

Not Too Much Grip – You certainly do not want to wear something that has much traction. You are going to be doing a lot of dancing, which means that they’re going to be a lot of twists and turns. Sneakers that have too much grip on the bottom will make it very difficult to pull off the necessary moves that are needed. Another thing about shoes with too much grip is there is a good chance you could injure yourself. Imagine trying to a quick turn in shoes with excessive grip. You may just end up with an ankle injury, as the shoe will prevent you from turning.

Recommended Athletic Shoes

So I have spent some time explaining that just about any type of athletic footwear that make the best shoes for Zumba. Well the question some of you will ask is if, there are some athletic footwear stands out from others? If you are looking for footwear that offers excellent performance, then I would recommend that you go with dance sneakers, cross trainers or regular athletic shoes.

Sneakers for Dancers

Dance Shoes for Women

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Dance aerobic shoes are by far the best option for Zumba. These are designed specifically for fitness and aerobics classes where the emphasis is on dancing. Wearing a pair, you can be sure that they are going to be very comfortable and pretty easy to move around in. This is good, as it will help to reduce the stress on the feet that comes along with dancing. This footwear also has excellent support, so you can walk around and not worry about injury or you hindering performance. They will also have very little grip and depending on the brand that you buy, some of them will have pivot points on the outsole. All of these features make them very easy to move in.

Pros: They are designed for dance and this makes it ideal for fitness classes such as Zumba. Movements with these shoes are much easier to pull off. The different points on the bottom, will make doing twisting, turning on the moves that much easier.

Cons: They have little use outside of the studio. Because they generally have minimal grip, it is not a good idea to do other activities in them, especially if the activity requires footwear to have excess traction (such as running).


Crosstraining Shoes

Cross trainers are another good option to consider when looking for the best Zumba shoes. Cross Trainers are multipurpose and versatile, which makes them great to workout, walk or run in. You will often find that a lot people highly recommend them as being awesome for dancing. What makes them ideal for  workouts such as Zumba is that they generally have the same features as dance aerobic sneakers. You will find that these shoes are very lightweight, comfortable, flexible and very supportive.

Pros: Great for dancers, just because they are very comfortable, supportive and lightweight. They are multipurpose shoes, which mean you can also wear them to do other activities.

Cons: There are no cons.

Regular Sneakers/Athletic Shoes

Sneakers Lying Around

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Even though I have stated that aerobic shoes or cross trainers make for good Zumba shoes, these are not the only footwear you have to wear. If you have some type of athletic sneakers at home, you can wear them to the class and you should have no problems dancing in them. Yes, it is easier to dance in sneakers that are designed specifically for that activity, but you will not be at disadvantage if you wear something else.  If you are going to be doing an aerobics class, but have no interest in purchasing something new to wear, then you can try the ones you have at home. If you find the ones you have are not too heavy, not flexible or have very little support, then they should be good to go. To really figure out if your shoes make the cut, then it is a good idea to do some moves in them before deciding to wear them to class. If you are able to move around comfortably and they do not hurt while dancing, spinning or turning, then you should have no problem with them.

Pros: The good thing is that you do not need to spend money on new shoes. You can use it to do other activities.
Cons: They might not have the support that is necessary for dance. Some of them might not be lightweight or flexible enough.


No Running Shoes

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I have highlighted different footwear that serves as excellent Zumba shoes. I also stated that you  can basically dance in anything. Well one thing I didn’t touch on is that you need to stay away from are RUNNING SNEAKERS. The main reason why running shoes are not a good option is the fact that they have a ton of grip on the bottom. This grip is pretty good when running, as it will prevent you from slipping or sliding. When dancing you are going to want as little grip as possible. The less traction is the easier it is to turn and spin. If you have too much grip and you want to make a quick lateral moves, there is a good possibility that you could hurt yourself. When dancing you need to move freely and running shoes will not be able to give you that freedom. So take it from me! Don’t even think about wearing or considering runners as good sneakers for Zumba.

Are There Dance Fitness Shoes Specifically for Men or Women?

You can check out my links coming up if you are looking specifically for the best Zumba sneakers for men or women. I know either sex has special concerns or needs when choosing shows, so you should be able to see a proper breakdown of what is needed in the footwear you choose, as well as which shoes are must haves.

What About Special Conditions?

If you are looking for specific dancing sneakers if you are suffering from flat feet or bad knees, then you should be able to find footwear that fits your needs. Athletic companies make a wide range of products now and if you have a specific condition such as the ones mentioned above, more than likely the companies have taken that into account, especially with all the cushioning and support they offer.

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