Are There Any Shoe Options for Men That are Perfect for Zumba?

Man Doing Zumba Dance Aerobics

Zumba is a fun fitness activity that is done by just about everyone. Young, old, fit, unfit, women and men. While women are the majority, you will still find a good amount of guys participating in getting fit and enjoying themselves.

For men it can be pretty challenging trying to find good shoes to dance in. If you are on the hunt for dance sneakers, then take a look at our recommendations below.

Remember It Is Best to go With a Cross trainer

If you notice, the majority of shoes that we have recommended are cross trainers. There is a logical reason behind our decision. When it comes to dance aerobic shoes for men, the options are small to almost nonexistent (compared to women). This is why I highly recommend that guys who are thinking about doing Zumba should invest in a pair of cross trainers.

Cross trainers are an excellent option, as they are able to properly secure your feet for the dancing that will take place during your fitness session. They are also pretty comfortable, lightweight and flexible, all important characteristics. Also, unlike running shoes, cross trainers do not have too much traction on the bottom. This means that you will be able to dance and turn with no problems and not have to worry about your feet getting stuck when trying to pull off a certain move.

Note: cross trainers are not the only thing that you can for dance aerobics, but it is one of the better options available. If you have some athletic sneakers lying around that do not have too much grip/traction and there really comfortable to wear, then you can by all means wear that to class. The whole idea of good dance trainers, is that you are capable of dancing in them with no problems at all.

If you want to see a good selection of trainers that are easy to move around and pretty easy to dance in, then check out our recommendations for companies such as Asics, Nike, and New Balance.

What to Look for When Choosing a Shoe for Zumba?

If you want a full breakdown of what to look for as well as other detailed information, then look at my guide to the highlighting the best Zumba tennis shoes. I will just give a quick breakdown of what features you need to look for when choosing something ideal to dance in.

When it comes to choosing the right Zumba sneakers for men, the footwear should definitely have certain characteristics. As I stated above, cross training sneakers are the best option, simply because they are able to provide everything that is needed for an intense dance aerobics class. You should also be looking for shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, flexible and supportive. Remember, you are going to be dancing for an hour and you definitely do not want to leave your class with sore and aching feet. If you can find something that is able to deliver all of those characteristics that we just mentioned, then you should have no problems at all.

Running Shoes are a no go!

Essentially, you can wear just about any athletic sneaker for dancing in, however, you are definitely going to want to stay away from purchasing any type of running sneaker.

While runners have excellent cushioning, shock absorption and is pretty comfortable, the thing that makes them impossible for Zumba, is the fact that they have too much traction. Runners need to have excellent grip, so that they are not sliding all over the place when they are out doing their activity. This does not translate well when you are moving around in your dance aerobics class, as you need to be able to move around freely and fully. The traction will prevent that and it is going to be extremely difficult to dance in them, as you are going to be doing different turns, twists and side to side lateral movements. If you try to dance in runners, you will put up opening up yourself to injury and that is something that you definitely do not want. So, if you have a pair that you were thinking about wearing to class or just wanted to buy, then heed our advice and stay away from them and consider cross trainers instead.

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