Best Way to Make Brown Rice Taste Good

A Bowl of Brown Rice
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Brown rice, while a healthier alternative to white rice, is not a fan favorite of many, simply because people do not like the way it tastes. Brown rice has a high-fiber coating, which makes it taste more grainer and tougher than regular white rice.

Brown rice can taste really good, if it is done properly and simple adjustments to the way you cook it can have it tasting yummy and delicious.

Chicken Stock or Vegetable Broth

The main thing that turns people off from brown rice is the fact that it doesn’t have much flavor and downright taste blah! To give the brown rice a nice taste, you can add chicken stock or vegetable broth when you are steaming the rice. This really enhances the flavor and you will be surprised how this one change in the way you cook it can have significant taste results. Once you test it out and you like it, I guarantee the old way of cooking brown rice will become a thing of the past.

Try Some Butter

A simple method to make brown rice taste good is by stirring in some butter into the rice as you cook it or before you serve it. The rice will have a very nice buttery flavor to it and something this simple can go a long way in making brown rice taste good. It might not be the healthiest option, but play around with it and see if the results are up to your liking.

Spice it up

You should head to your spice rack if you want to give your brown rice a more flavorful taste. It is good to add a bit of salt, but you can experiment with other spices such as parsley, basil, cilantro, turmeric, cumin, etc. It is best to research what combinations will go great with the rice, but best believe that the results will be magical.

Try Chopped Veggies

Another way to make your brown rice taste really good is by throwing in some chopped vegetables into it while it boils. You can add anything from onions, ginger, garlic, carrots, corn, broccoli and anything else you can think of. Just chop them up and throw them into the water that the rice is boiling in. You will be surprised at how delicious this will taste and it is good to experiment as you perfect your brown rice cooking skills.

Add Beans or Peas

If you enjoy beans or peas, you can also throw them into the brown rice while it is cooking and this will also give it a nice flavor and taste. You can either use the peas or beans that are in the can or you can use fresh ones. If you are using the fresh ones, please remember to soak them ahead of time, so they will be a bit softer and palatable. Once you are ready to cook your brown rice, you can throw it in there for a very tasty variation.

Get Creative

If you are a pro around the kitchen, you can experiment with other ingredients to give your brown rice that oomph that you are looking for. People have used all types of ingredients from honey, cayenne pepper, seaweed, raisins and so much more.

Brown rice doesn’t have to be boring and bland, once you step out of the box and try something different.


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